AVL Producers Summit W/ EarthCry

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AVL Producers Summit W/ EarthCry

Earth Cry - Live Electronica/Organica

EarthCry is Anthony Thogmartin’s solo music, serving as an outlet for his more electronic musical ideas, as well as a place to try experimental genre mashing, developmental frequency blending, and odd instrument combinations. Staying true to live roots, an EarthCry show can consist of any combination of live instruments, mixing, slicing, looping, and cutting overtop of arrangements that come out differently every time. All the while, electronic controls are always facing the crowd to encourage a deeper experience of interaction.

Mr. Clock - Live Electronica/Blues

Mr. Clock is the musical brainchild of Nate Cibik. With a lifelong passion for electronic music and guitar,Cibik worked to develop techniques which would allow for the clean production of electronic music to be enjoyed along with the human element of instrumental improvisation.

Murkury - Deep Bass/Dub

Paying homage to The Messenger God of Ancient Rome and the planet closest to the sun, this dual threat DJ/Producer has been delivering elemental bass music across the South East for over seven years. Walking the line between light and dark forces during his performances, Murkury has shared the stage with the likes of EPROM, Yheti, DJ Dara, TRUTH, Joe Nice, The Widdler, Detox Unit, Sukh Knight, Eliot Lipp, Soohan, Late Night Radio, Flamingosis, and many more.