Andrea Beaton and Troy MacGillivra

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Andrea Beaton and Troy MacGillivra

Troy MacGillivray and Andrea Beaton


Two of the finest fiddlers from the East Coast of Canada, together in concert!

Nova Scotia’s Troy MacGillivray has a musical prowess that can be attributed to an especially rare combination of commitment and bloodline. From a young age, Troy was impressing audiences with his fiddle, piano and step dancing, skills. He has a roots-centered approach to his fiddling and piano playing that has the power to inspire any audience.

Andrea Beaton comes from a long line of Beaton and MacMaster musicians, which explains why her music is at once her own and deeply rooted in the Cape Breton tradition. Like her father and grandfather, she is a composer, adding fine new music to the island’s repertoire. Her passion for Cape Breton fiddle and stepdancing is sure to delight any crowd.
Together these two accomplished solo artists offer a taste of Nova Scotia’s best traditional music. Troy and Andrea will captivate and enchant the audience with contemporary tunes fused with the music of their Highland ancestry.