2018 AVL Shellac Bash II

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2018 AVL Shellac Bash II

The Asheville Shellac Bash is a unique gathering of 78 RPM record collectors and researchers. On the evening's of April 13th & 14th, we will be featuring listening sessions of rare and seldom heard, original 78 RPM records, from the USA and abroad, along with expert discussion, live music, and historic film. The event's primary goal is to provide an opportunity for fellowship among those who have helped to preserve and share this vast arena of the world's greatest vernacular recordings of the Pre-WW2 era.

All are welcome.

Notable attendees include the following, along with many more.

Tony Russell (London, UK) - Author of Country Music Records: A Discography 1921-1942

Kinney Rorrer (VA) - Author of Rambling Blues: The Life & Songs of Charlie Poole

Russell Shor (CA) - Author, Journalist, & Co-Owner/Associate Editor of Vintage Jazz Mart

Marshall Wyatt (NC) - Founder & Owner of Old Hat Records

Paul Swinton (UK) - Owner Frog Records

Interspersed between listening to 78's, film, and general clap trap about old recordings and musicians, will be short sets of live music.

Come join us for a night of exceptional music with extraordinary people.